Grown Alchemist Eye Balm

Grown Alchemist Eye Balm

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a rich eye balm formulation with active ingredients that target hydration levels while noticeably minimizing fine lines and wrinkles - leaving facial skin around the eye area looking nourished, soft and radiant. safe enough for the most sensitive skin.

helianthus seed extract rich in triglycerides noticeably increase skin lipid structure while improving the skins defense and natural repair mechanisms.

tocopherol - antioxidants noticeably reduce fine lines and the skins trans epidermal water loss while strenghtening the skin's barrier function and protecting epidermis from early stages of ultraviolet light damage.

oleic and linoleic from argan stimulate the skins ability to retain moisture increasing hydration levels while reducing fine lines and wrinkles; leaving the sensitive skin around the eyes looking healthy, soft, and smooth.

directions: apply a small amount to finger tips and dab gently around the eye area until absorbed. suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin in need of a hydrating treatment. use AM and/or PM.