Studio Sandoval Peace Aromatic Concentrate

Studio Sandoval Peace Aromatic Concentrate

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a thoughtful blend of the meditative, calming notes of palo santo, sandalwood, frankincense and patchouli, that create a peaceful, calming feeling in you and your space. this blend is beneficial for meditation, concentration and for enhancing creativity and learning. in spiritual aromatherapy, palo santo can be used to release negative energy, to purify spaces and cleanse the spirit.

each bottle contains energy crystals - charged with good intentions and bathed in the light of the full moon - to promote positivity and nurture the sensual energy of your body and home.

clarify and sanitize your personal space on voyages, refresh scarves, cashmere sweaters, lingerie, and denim. at this concentration level, use it as a breezy california-luxe perfume. 

hand-blended in Highland Park, CA, each chic spray bottle contains a rose quartz crystal that's been charged in the full moon.

3 oz.